Saturday, 25th March 2017







Our club's sixth (yes!) anniversary will be honoured by two pornstars from London, both at the summit of their popularity: thirty-year-old Ricardo Prince and Gabriel Phoenix (at the ripe age of 27). Dark-skinned and seductive Ricardo is making a career for himself as a personal trainer and go-go dancer in clubs. Gabriel is a perfectly equipped fair-haired man, very prolific porn actor, English born and bred, and – to quote his own words – „a bit geeky and a bit gangsta, all rolled into one”, but first and foremost he is a Lion (grrrr...). Contamination of these two elements – the dark and the light one – will create an explosive mixture, which may prove to be a danger to the club's walls!

After the show our artists will be dishing you out roast pork with two kinds of sauce - our club's traditional specialite de la maison at events of this importance.

Be a witness and even a victim of this explosion! On the last Saturday of March Dark Angels will be the hottest and the most manly spot on the map of Polish clubs. You can't stay away from THE GATHERING!

Łukasz, the newly elected Mr Leather Poland 2017, and Kamil, Mr Fetish Poland 2016 have confirmed their participation. The latter one will publicly undergo the process of mummification. Don't miss the show!