3rd/4th September 2016 night was the time of Mr Sneakers Poland Contest's 3rd edition


This year four candidates competed. They had been preliminarily selected within the Facebook group Sneakers Fetish Polska. The audience of our club predominantly voted for the candidate no. 3 – Jarek, who represented Warsaw, and precisely the Praga Południe district.

If the strenghth and intensity of one's socks' smell could predict the winner, we would see the candidate no. 1 as this year's title holder for his socks smelled best in the opinion of the tester who examined the socks of all four candidates on stage – the later Mister's socks came only third in this ranking. The viewers, however, decided that the general look in sportswear is far more important.

The newly elected Mister was awarded with several vouchers: for a trip abroad as well as for free shopping in two webshops: Stallion.pl and Allechlopak.pl The other three were given beautiful albums on sneakers fetish published by Bruno Gmuender Verlag, Berlin.

The official part of the event was followed by the informal one. By lot many nice gifts like sweatpants, socks or jockstraps were disposed to the guests of the party. We do believe the atmosphere will be at least this fine next year!