Mr Fetish Contest


refers to a wider definition of fetishism and makes it possible for not only leathermen and rubbermen (however for them too) to show up publicly with their secret desires. All who want to take part in this event as candidates to the title are requested to read the Contest regulations, to fill in the application form and submit it to the club's e-mail address with the required photos. 10th June 2016 is the closing date for applying.

Your entrance fee is exceptionally as low as 10 zł!



The sponsors have prepared the following awards for the participants and the winners of this year's election:

Dark Angels club: 500 zł in cash for the Mister.

Softpress Publishing House: one-year subscription to the „Adam” bi-monthly for the Mister and the 1st runner-up. webshop: a voucher equalling 500 zł for the Mister, to be used when shopping. webshop: two vouchers equalling 100 zł each for the Mister and the 1st runner-up, to be used when shopping. webshop: two vouchers equalling 200 zł for the Mister and 100 zł for the 1st runner-up, to be used when shopping.

the Berlin-based Bruno Gmünder Verlag: the current (15th) edition of the „Spartacus International Hotel Guide 2016” and the album (erotic comic book) „Pardners” by Dale Lazarov & Bo Revel; as well as the current (45th) edition of the „Spartacus International Gay Guide 2016” additionally for the Mister.

The awards will partially be presented to the winners in the club. The vouchers will be forwarded to their e-mail addresses later.



LeatherThomi from Warsaw, 29 y.o., 174cm, 70 kg.

Fetish represented: leather gear.

I am a keen cigar smoker, besides I like to cook and walk my dog.



Mummy Boy from Poznan, 25 y.o., 160 cm, 60 kg.

Fetish represented: a multi-fetish-guy into: mummification, rubber, latex, leather, lycra; he is promising to show up in several incarnations during the election night.

Despite being rather short a guy, I desire to make it evident and clear for all that anyone can realise himself and develop his fetishes, and bravely attack urban space, mix up with the crowd. I sort of combine the above mentioned fetishes and try to apply a new expression to them. I seem to be a person with a big sense of humour as well as able to distance myself emotionally and to survive being the person I am, that's why I never hesitate to experiment both in my everyday and fetish lives. Mummification has always been very closest to my heart.