It's a pleasure for us to make it known that the famous and valued firm MrB, one of the biggest distributors and producers of gay erotic toys and fetish gear, with the main headquarters in Amsterdam and affiliated shops, among others, in Paris and Berlin – in the first issue of its magazine „WINGS”, which started to come out on the occasion of MrB's 20th anniversary, is mentioning Dark Angels as Poland's only gay club in the selected set of six best European clubs for men.


We are so happy that MrB's experts have given such a credit to both the technical arrangement of the club and its activity in the field of the events' organization (many of them of international importance) that they speak on equal terms about ours and so meritorious and legendary clubs as The Boots in Antwerp, Flexo Club in Padova, Mutschmanns in Berlin, Sauna Macho in Brussels and Eagle in Amsterdam. To prove that it's none of overestimation, we feel obliged to work hard so as to retain this position.