For the sixth time, on 7/8th September 2019, the annual Mr Sneakers Poland contest took place in our club.

We had three candidates this year. Two of them showed up under pseudonyms: Piksel and Crazy Skater, the third one under his given name Paweł. Each of the three arrived from Warsaw.

Michał, the compere, presented the candidates to the audience in a form of TV talk show. The voting cards placed by the audience in the ballot box were counted in public, for everyone to see, by a returns committee recruited from the audience. During the counting the candidates' and the compere's shoes and socks were licked, caressed and sniffed on stage by a smart chav from Ireland.

By decision of the club's guests, the candidate no. 1 – Piksel got elected for Mr Sneakers Poland 2019. Only two votes less went to the candidate no. 3 – Paweł, who therefore won the title of the Vice-Mister Sneakers Poland 2019.

Our sincere congratulations and gratitude to all three boys, as well as the best wishes of prosperity in the field of the sneaker fetish.