2nd March 2019 will forever be remembered as the date of an unusual ceremony to have taken place in our club named Dark Angels. On that very night a Novice to the worldwide known and recognizable Order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (O.S.P.I.), Mary Read, having completed her over two years long period of monastic formation and preliminary service, DID get solemnly and sacramentally turned into a rightful Sister.

This celebration appeared to be absolutely exceptional as it took place for the very first time in Poland, and genuinely in our club, which all came around in result of Sister Mary's decision as well as Sister Daphne's – her supervisor in the course of her apprenticeship. Let the two Sisters accept our deepest gratitude to have made this club of ours the one and only host of an event which happens to be a turning point in every Sister's life.

The uncommonness of this ceremony was significantly raised by participation of Sister Mary's precious Mother, who accompanied her on stage along the ritual – and it has to be stressed that such rarely occurs even in the West European countries as well as in the United States (not incidentally the country of the Order's origin).

We immensely enjoyed the presence of another Berlin's Sister – Suzette, as the Mistress of the ceremony, who's much experienced at ordaining new Sisters. She was being assisted by the above mentioned Sister Daphne (who's been closely attached to Dark Angels since 2012, and a frequent guest to our most weighty events), and two Postulants from Warsaw who only have to pave Sister Mary's path for themselves in the future.

English was chosen as the self-imposing language for the ceremony to be performed in, therefore Sister Mary got obliged to repeat her pledge of allegiance to the Order after Sister Suzette in the most Shakespearian a way. The same referred to her signing the document stating that she has entered the worldwide community of the O.S.P.I. Sisters for the whole entirety of her earthly life.

All of us, solemnly gathered here to witness this unusual ceremony, were deeply struck by its lofty, nearly liturgical atmosphere which goes beyond any verbal or even photographic description. Let you all who neglected our invitation to this unique event be regretful about the fact.

Dear Sister Mary, please kindly accept our most sincere congratulations. Let you achieve eternal happiness by following your call, and never stop helping us with our forthcoming undertakings, just as you used to for a long time, all involved with unexampled devotion.