The eighth edition of our annual November gathering of leathermen and all kinds of fetishists went even more gorgeously than we could expect it as the organizers. First of all the guests turned up to spend this time in a friendly circle, but also those whom we owe making this night unforgettable.

Uncountable thanks go to our dearest Drag Queen Migota who made us all prostrate from her powerful voice, and presented three new brilliant sets of stage outfit in the course of a three-part recital.

Two songs were also performed by Sister Daphne O.S.P.I., the Mother Superior of one of the Berlin's Houses of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She was widely assisted by Sister Mary Read, Poland's only Sister active on the scene, a postulant yet, but expecting her blackveiling in March 2019 – the ceremony is about to take place in our club, we will keep you informed in advance.

The mad fun went on till dawn, and you know well at what time dawn comes in November! See you in a year's time, perhaps with a yet larger bunch of people here!