We are kindly inviting you to the fourth edition of the all-Poland Mr Sneakers Poland 2017 Contest on 2nd September 2017! Let those who are into the sportswear fetish (sneakers, sox, sweatpants) be advised to stand for election.


The application form and the regulation are to be seen HERE. You can also apply at the following FB account: @SneakersFetishPolska All who want to take part in this event as candidates to the title are requested to fill in the application form and submit it to the club's e-mail address with the required photos. 31st August 2017 is the closing date for applying.

All who are into this most popular fetish may feel invited as cheerers and voters to Dark Angels on Saturday, September 2nd. The Mister and the 1st runner-up will be elected exclusively by the audience in the club. We'll make it all around sweaty and panty that night!




Living in Cracow, aged 29, 178 cm of height and 85 kg of weight, brown eyed and dark-haired guy. Here's what he has reported on himself as taking up the gauntlet to compete for the title of Mr Sneakers Poland 2017:

I was raised in a district of blocks, and have always been a fan of chavs. I feel best wearing sports gear, white socks. The sneakers fetish means fantastic fun to me, and always an occasion for many exciting actions. I have an impression that Polish guys are a bit as if ashamed of having this fetish, and would like to change it as the hypothetical Mr Sneakers. Off duty I spend my time watching TV series and listening to music.



The sponsors have prepared the following awards for the participants and the winners of this year's election:

Dark Angels club: 500 zł in cash for the Mister.

Stallion.pl gay erotic webshop: a voucher equalling 500 zł for the Mister, to be used when shopping.

the Berlin-based Bruno Gmünder Verlag: for all candidates the 11th edition of the „Spartacus International Sauna Guide” and the album (erotic comic book) „Le Gang Bang” published by the porn studio Citebeur.com; erotic comic book by Swen Marcel „Soxy Men” additionally for the Mister.

Aasssox webshop: a sport kit (socks, sport shorts, T-shirt and rucksack) for the Mister, a pair of sport socks for each of the co-contestants.


This edition of this contest will be exceptional! TomTom from Leeds – a genuine English chav – will be our precious guest. He will give a solo show on our stage (his sweatpants, socks and sneakers involved) and will be waiting for anyone eager to join him for public action! He will also be available as an escort for private encounters at prices matching the average Polish salary! Do not ever overlook this unique opportunity! We had better just quote his self-description:

I'm really open to a lot of situations and will do anything from kissing, sucking, rimming and wanking. I'm bottom/versatile but generally not really dominant and i dont normally take bookings just as a top. I have not been doing this for very long but already have a few regular clients who I meet, so I do take that as a compliment and a sign that I'm doing something right. Give me a shout, guys, and you will see for yourself. I also make and sell videos, both solo and duo, and can make any custom vids that you wanna see. If there's anything you'd like to know then please just get in touch and ask me. I am a genuinely fun and friendly guy. Happy to work with all kinds and types of guys. I have worked with a lot of first timers and haven't been doing this for long myself, but I know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I will leave you feeling like you had a good time and you won't be able to resist coming back for more. I do get a lot of return clients. Find out why for yourself :)

Skype: tomtom85

Kik: tomtom8517