15th June 2019: 5th Mr Fetish Poland 2019 Contest

Much like most West European countries, which organize their Mr Fetish Contests in parallel with the Mr Leather and Mr Rubber elections, Poland in our opinion also deserves having an event like this, and our club with its experience of hosting the Mr Leather Poland Contest four years running seems to be the right place to have originated the Mr Fetish Contest five years ago. This very Contest refers to a wider definition of fetishism and makes it possible for not only leathermen and rubbermen (however for them too) to show up publicly with their secret desires revealed to everyone.

Everyone who wants to take part in this event as a candidate to the title is requested to read the Contest regulations, to fill in the application form and submit it to the club's e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the required photos attached. 10th June 2019 is the closing date for applying.

The final voting will take place on 15th June 2019 (Saturday) in Dark Angels club. It will comprise of: the introduction of the candidates to the audience; voting by the audience in the club; announcing the verdict taken only and strictly on the grounds of the paper votes collected and counted on the stage in front of the audience as a whole; awarding the title winners. A Multifetish Party (the dresscode is not obligatory) will complete the night (any fetish attire will be most welcome!).



The sponsors have prepared the following awards for the participants and the winners of this year's election:


Dark Angels club: 500 zł in cash for the Mister.

Stallion.pl webshop: a voucher equalling 500 zł for the Mister, to be used when shopping.

Stallion.pl webshop: a voucher equalling 200 zł for the 1st runner-up, to be used when shopping.

Heaven sauna, Warsaw: free admission vouchers for the Mister and the 1st runner-up. As well as a few more for some lucky club-goers who will happen to be here this night.

Tongariro/OutFilm: the Mister and the 1st runner-up will be granted vouchers for access to the website Outfilm.pl and Outfilm's gimmickry like T-shirts and mugs.

Mastercolt.pl webshop: a voucher equalling 300 zł for the Mister, to be used when shopping.

Masculo.pl webshop: two vouchers equalling 250 zł each, for the Mister and the 1st runner-up, to be used online or in the physical shop in Warsaw, 4 Browarna St.


The awards will partially be presented to the winners during the election night. The vouchers will be sent to their e-mail addresses.