15th September 2018: 5TH MR SNEAKERS POLAND 2018 CONTEST


We are kindly inviting you to the fifth edition of the all-Poland Mr Sneakers Poland 2018 Contest! Let those who are into the sportswear fetish (sneakers, sox, sweatpants) be advised to stand for election. The application form and the regulation are to be seen HERE. You can also apply at the following FB account: @SneakersFetishPolska All who want to take part in this event as candidates to the title are requested to fill in the application form and submit it to the club's e-mail address with the required photos. 8th September 2018 is the closing date for applying. All who are into this most popular fetish may feel invited as cheerers and voters to Dark Angels on Saturday, September 15th. The Mister and the 1st runner-up will be elected exclusively by the audience in the club, and the votes will be counted publicly on stage in presence of everyone. We'll make it all around sweaty and panty that night!



Łukasz Głuchowski/Dresik

33 years old, 172/60, brown eyed, dark blond. Lives in Warsaw. He promotes his addiction to sportswear by riding his bike in spare time.